Architecture & Design Market Services

Architecture & design market services

  • Design Logistics, Inc. also serves the architecture and interior design firms with a portfolio of logistics services designed for their specific needs.
  • Transportation and warehousing consolidation of all materials and furnishings specified for each project.  Floor and racked warehouse space available for various materials and finished goods. Includes flooring, lighting, signage, case goods, etc.
  • Inspection of all goods received at our warehouse, and discreet inventory tracking and visibility via our state-of-the-art warehouse management system.  Assign your materials received to specific rooms, floors, or buildings within a project.  Can include images of goods.
  • Freight and warehouse consolidation programs available for multiple site roll-out projects and installations.  Aggregate activity and shipment density drive transportation and warehouse operational efficiencies and cost effectiveness.
  • Intra & Interstate service is available.

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